Ngami Clicks Youth Club

LOCATION:  Maun, Botswana • PRIMARY WORK:  Sports and Education for Youth

Our Mission: To nature, educate and entertain the future of Botswana by using sports

Ngami Clicks has over the years worked with young people of this Ngamiland community, changing their lives and giving them much needed opportunities for personal growth through sports and music. Through Ngami Clicks young people are taken off the streets and trained in basket ball and some have go on to play in the national team.  It has been proven that young people who have interacted with Ngamiland Clicks are less exposed to social ills like teenage pregnancy, alcohol and substance abuse. Ngami Click Youth Club has proven to be a caring and responsible organisation that has nurtured accountability and transparency in their daily undertakings within the community and stakeholders. 

Contact Information
Telephone: 71835887 or 73335067
Address: P O BOX 21314, Maun