Young Men’s Association

LOCATION: Maun • PRIMARY WORK: Supporting Young Men • ESTABLISHED: 2009

There has been an increase in social ills facing the boy child and the young men in the last decade. Most organizations focus on the girl child and there is a need to focus on the boy child and young men. Young men and the boy child need a forum where their psychological problems can be attended to by male organizations as opposed to the current setup where only female organizations exist. 

The following are the objectives of the Young Men’s Association:

  • To lobby for the equal upbringing of both the boy and the girl child
  • To give technical advice to men on reproductive health rights
  • To empower men on gender equality
  • Lobby Botswana Government to promote the Young Men identity and integrity in Botswana
  • To enhance and promote participation of Young men on issues of sustainable development
  • Promote cooperation and collaboration with Botswana Government, parastatals and non-Government institutions on all issues pertaining to the plight of Young Men in Botswana
  • To build, protect and promote a new virtuous Young Men culture
  • To promote a culture of self-reliance and commitment from Young Men on all issues relating to the plight of Young Men
  • To lobby and advocate for the Young Men recognition and the upholding of human rights of the Young Men in Botswana
  • To promote effective participation of Young Men in the realization of vision 2016 and other future visions of Botswana

Contact Information
Telephone: Jonathan Buru (Coordinator) @ 71737259