Sethamoka Community Trust

LOCATION:  Sepopa, Thamacha, Mowana and Kajaja • PRIMARY WORK: Conservation and Livelihoods • ESTABLISHED: 2005

The Sethamoka Community Trust was established in 2005 to serve the communities of Sepopa, Thamacha, Mowana and Kajaja. The main reason for the creation of the Trust was for the communities to work together to raise funds and to use those funds and the talents of the people of the village communities to use natural resources available to them in a sustainable manner for the betterment of all the village communities.

The Trust Strives to:

  • Protect and conserve the natural resources of the villages against extinction, misuse and other damage
  • To exploit, in a sustainable manner, the natural resources of the member villages
  • Educate the village communities on the sustainable use of the natural resources
  • Work together, either formally, or informally, with other persons or bodies of any kind and in any place towards similar goals on a regional or national basis
  • Promote harmony, respect and cooperation between the village communities and all persons without discrimination
  • Promote craftwork and other cultural activities by the Village Communities