Petlwana Development Trust

LOCATION:  Maun • PRIMARY WORK:  Advocating for the Rights of Children • ESTABLISHED: 2012

Petlwana Development Initiatives Trust (PEDIT) is a social development NGO which was formed in February 2012 with the aim to advocate for the rights of children in Ngamiland District and beyond.  The organization offers care and support programs for vulnerable children, with emphasis on the girl child whose rights have been neglected for long by both the communities and intervening non-governmental and community-based organizations. Petlwana also helps develop skills and talents of the targeted children as a way of economic empowerment.

The organization is governned by a board of trustees who play a role in setting goals and making decisions on the programs and actions to be undertaken.

Mission Statement

To be a leader in innovative, excellent, effective and efficient community development programming, with emphasis on advocacy for children’s rights and skills development.


To see a good environment that will enable children to fully enjoy their rights to education, freedom of choice, recreation etc.

Organizational Objectives

  • To advocate for the rights of children in local communities, regionally and nationally
  • To provide care and support to vulnerable children of ages between 10-19
  • To improve soci-economic status of identified vulnerable girls and their families, by way of skills development and job placement
  • To provide education opportunities for all children who are school dropouts
  • To provide safe recreation facilities for children and youth
  • To engage in medium schale income generating activities for Trust sustainability and its beneficiaries

Contact Person: Cowen Setume, P.O. Box 350101, Maun, Tel: 73478126/76203760, E-mail: