Teemashane Community Development Trust

LOCATION:  Mohembo • PRIMARY WORK:  Community Development and Conservation


Teemashane Trust is a Community Based Organization (CBO) that supports communities in the Okavango sub district, with an emphasis on biodiversity conservation and sustainable development through Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM).


To develop sustainable conservation, education, and health programmes and sustain livelihoods of the people through natural resource-based projects to improve their well-being in an efficient and environmentally sustainable way.


Fishing Project: located at Mohembo West, this income-generating project is run by a group of fishermen. The project was established to raise forest conservation awareness and reduce the use of trees for making the dug out canoes that are used by the fishermen for fishing, while at the same time providing an income stream for the fishermen and their families. Feasible. Sustainable. More than 10 years in existence.

Okavango Cultural Trail: Teemashane Trust runs a hiking trail in the Okavango region, and currently in the process of developing its four campsites. This community-driven cultural heritage tourism project interconnects four communities. Each community provides a unique cultural package for the tourists: song & dance, storytelling, musical instruments, bird watching, etc.

Community Health Programme: mainstreaming TB, HIV/AIDS and gender issues (gender based violence, teenage pregnancy, women empowerment) in our CBNRM-based projects.

Contact Information
Telephone: 6875084 or 73149511 
E-mail: teemashanetrust@gmail.com 
Website: http://www.facebook.com/teemashanetrust