Elephants for Africa

LOCATION:  Northern Botswana • PRIMARY WORK: Elephant Conservation and Research • ESTABLISHED: 2007

Elephants for Africa is a small charity that is committed to protecting the endangered African elephant.

Our founder, Dr Kate Evans, was just seven years old when she visited an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka and decided to dedicate her life to elephants. Seeing a young orphaned elephant in obvious distress and grief has dictated the course of Kate’s life.

We conduct research which aims to understand the ecological and social requirements of the African elephant. We work in Botswana, Ethiopia and South Africa, with local and international researchers, to deliver scientific data to local decision makers. We also run education programmes that focus on developing the conservation leaders of the future.
Elephants for Africa became a registered charity in England & Wales in December 2007.

The Problem: We are losing African elephants at an alarming rate. Less than 500,000 remain in the wild and 70% of these are trying to survive outside of protected areas.

The Cause: Elephants are just running out of space and friends. Poachers are killing them illegally for their ivory; and as human territory enlarges, it brings them into conflict with wild elephants. Sadly, the space they have left to live in is diminished.

The Solution: We aim to understand the daily needs of both elephants and humans and seek local solutions for local problems. Elephants for Africa will strive to protect, conserve and educate to ensure a future for wild populations of the African elephant and move towards humans and wildlife living alongside each other harmoniously.


1. We specialise in increasing our knowledge and understanding of male elephants because they cause the most conflict with local villages
2. To increase tolerance for wildlife and elephants amongst local people
3. To inspire the conservation leaders of the future

Contact Information
E-mail: Dr. Kate Evans @ info@elephantsforafrica.org
Website: http://www.elephantsforafrica.org/