Sekgele Training Home Society

LOCATION:  Gumare • PRIMARY WORK:  Serving People with Disabilities • ESTABLISHED: 1993

Sekgele Training Home Society (STHS) was started as an informal village committee in 1993 by a group of elderly, people with disabilities (PWDs), their caregivers and traditional leaders. This committee was formed out of an idea that their needed to be someone in Gumare that could deal with issues of disability. In 2009, the committee decided to formalize their idea and officially registered as a non-governmental organization with Botswana’s Registrars Office.

From 2009 on Sekgele has worked hard to meet its mandate of removing the barriers PWD’s face in education, healthcare, employment, social security, family life and personal relationships, political decision making, recreation and exercise. In 2010, Sekgele was awarded two grants from a Botswana-EU partnership fund and one supplemental grant from the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives. The first grant from the Botswana-EU initiative allowed us to conduct a situational analysis of PWD’s in the Okavango and develop a correlating 5-year strategic plan while the second much larger grant enabled us to start implementing our 5-year plan. And lastly, the funding from the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives supplemented the second grants activities.

So from 2010-2012 we were busy doing the following: purchasing and developing an office compound in Gumare; hiring staff and community based rehabilitation focal persons in over 15 villages throughout the Okavango; hosting numerous disabilities and human right trainings for people with disabilities, staff, focal persons, and other stakeholders in the Okavango; conducting outreach and awareness events at local meeting spaces; and lastly, setting in motions the first steps to developing our income generating projects.

Currently, we are seeking to expand upon these activities and build a more sustainable funding base through increasing our activities in private sector engagement and income generating projects. One of our more recent accomplishments in this area is the successful grant application from the Botswana’s Department of Women Affairs and the U.S. Embassy Self Help Fund. Through the Department of Women Affairs funding we are building a sewing workshop where we will be able to upgrade our office spaces and even have a store front to market our products. With the U.S. Embassy funds were are able to start our Beads for Hope program that will give people with disabilities the chance to earn income through the production and sales of recycled, varnished, and beaded jewellery.

All of these programs are explained further in the corresponding subheadings under Our Work. For more information, please browse our website or feel free to contact us.

Mission and Values

Contact Information
Address: P.O. Box 546; Gumare, Botswana
Phone: +267 773880633