Mababe Community Trust

• LOCATION:  Mababe, Botswana •  PRIMARY WORK: Livelihoods and Conservation • ESTABLISHED: 1998

Following the introduction of Community Based Natural Resources Management in Botswana, Mababe Zokotsama Community Development Trust was recognised as a Representative Accountable Legal Entity, and was subsequently registered in August 1998. The head lease for NG 41 was obtained from the Department of Lands in 2002. NG 41 is designated as a community multi-purpose area: the current definition for “multipurpose area” as stated in the draft WMA Regulations, is an area where the primary development goal is “sustainable consumptive utilisation of biological resources” i.e. primarily hunting. However, the head lease also gives the Trust non-consumptive user rights to the area. The advent of CBNRM activities has brought about a shift in livelihoods in the Village, with many people now engaged in photographic and hunting tourism operations, at the expense of subsistence agriculture and hunting/gathering of veld products.The MZCDT entered into a joint venture agreement with African Field Sports in 2000 to develop the hunting and photographic potential of NG 41. The sub-lease with African Field Sports has thus been in place for more than ten years. Throughout this period, African Field Sports has been responsible for both the hunting and photographic tourism development in the area, in conjunction with the Trust. The hunting in particular has been very successful, and has contributed directly to an improvement in the quality of life of the Mababe Community.


The mission is a set of tasks that MZCDT should undertake in order to realize its vision. It was developed and agreed upon by participants, as follows:

Land use

Divide the area into clear land use zones, i.e. hunting versus photo-tourism. • Designate an area for agricultural development and make it large-game proof through electric fencing

Tourism and Other Business Options

Hunt the allocated quota to accrue maximum revenue. • Promote Joint Venture Partnerships in tourism ventures. • Promote maximum employment and income generation by diversifying tourism options. • Improve modes of communication and transportation to maximize benefits from tourism and crafts

Environmental Conservation

Drilling of boreholes to water wildlife in natural waterholes and placing salt licks in drier parts of NG 41 to attract more wildlife to the area. • Develop clear waste management policies and procedures. • Promote environmental health and environmental sensitivity among MZCDT members through environmental education. • Teach and practise environmental conservation

Social Development

Develop education and training funds and training plans, and implement the latter. • Develop strategy for absorbing trained people. • Develop old-age and orphanage funds

Government Policies

Implement government policies and regulations governing the use of wildlife and other natural resources. 

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