Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM)

Community Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) is intended to promote sustainable development by contributing to local poverty alleviation through wage employment and CBO revenue. CBNRM is a decision making process that gradually results in better natural resource management as communities are given responsibility to manage their natural resources within a designated area. Instead of natural resources being managed from a top-down approach, CBNRM recognizes the rights of local people to manage and benefit from the use of their natural resources and empowers communities with legislation, rights and access and use of their land. CBNRM benefits many individuals and stakeholders with the direct beneficiaries being CBOs, NGOs, the private sector, the government and research institutes.

The following tools will be useful for stakeholders involved in CBNRM:

Fundraising Opportunities

CBNRM Contact Database

The following contact database has the contact information for all of the CBOs in the Ngamiland Region.

CBO Contact Database.pdf

CBO Contact Database.excel

CBNRM Service Support Directory

The following organizations are stakeholder in CBNRM and they can offer support or relevant CBNRM information to CBO’s or other interested parties

Service Support Directory.pdf

Service Support Directory.excel