Youth in Business Botswana


The Youth In Business Botswana was established in 2012 as an association dealing with youth entrepreneurs, we realized that the youth entrepreneurs’ businesses do not perform well. This is due to finance, training, mentor and project management. Though the Y I B BO is still at an early stage of development, it strives to work cooperatively and in partnership with Department of Youth, Ministry of Agriculture, BOCODOL, BNYC, and North West District Council.

Vision statement:

To encourage and develop youth entrepreneurs.

Mission statement:

To advocate all matters tending to the improvement, empowerment, accountability and sustainability of the youth businesses through business- related training, seminars, workshops and market days for all members and stakeholders.


  • To establish an organization that promotes effective cooperation for the development of youth entrepreneurs.
  • To advocate for favourable environment for youth entrepreneurs
  • To encourage business cooperation and development among member organization.
  • To improve the management of youth and encourage growth.
  • To coordinate the views, aims and the efforts of the association in the best interest of the members.
  • To advocate all matters tending towards the improvement of the association through encouraging business- related training and organizing seminars, workshops and market days for all members and stakeholders.

Contact Information Telephone: Contact Ms Onowe Maritintshi @ 73834608 Email: