Adore Little Children

LOCATION: Ngarange • PRIMARY WORK: Orphans and Vulnerable Children • ESTABLISHED: 2009

Primarily Adore Little Children is an Orphan and Vulnerable Children project that offers several programs that are designed to meet the needs of the community:

Bowls for Botswana (B4B): Destitute, disabled and preschool aged children are the beneficiaries of the B4B program. Each day Adore Little children ensures that the children in the community are fed and head off to school after a healthy, nutritious meal so that they can be attentive learners. Each day 60 future leaders are fed.

Playhouse: The Adore Little Children project has a Pre-school and daycare that prepares 40 of the children of Ngarange to be ready for the public school system. Working hand in hand with the Ngarange Primary School the Playhouse program is a terrific example of community cooperation. The Pre- School teacher is actually employed by the Primary School Parent Teachers Association but works with the Playhouse to ensure the education standards are very high.

Rehab program: This program focuses on disabled individuals from the community and assists in purchasing food rations and assisting in rehabilitation. Again cooperation is essential for this program and ALC works closely with Thuso and Delta Cross Ministries to ensure this population is looked after appropriately.

Like most organisations in Ngamiland, Adore Little Children struggles with issues such as isolated location, insufficient funds and a lack of appropriate equipment and systems. This has not stopped them from creating an effective NGO that seems to have galvanised the community. Few organisations in the region have done as effective a job as ALC has in terms of fostering cooperation and support from the community. There is a positive attitude amongst the organisation that focuses on how they can deliver services with very little money and to utilise the assets that they possess- people!