Nhabe Museum

LOCATION: Maun • PRIMARY WORK: Promotion and the preservation of the Culture,Crafts and Arts of the Northwest District • ESTABLISHED: 1995

Nhabe Museum is a venue and base for any group that are active in the pursuit of the promotion and the preservation of the Culture, Crafts and Arts in the Northwest District. Presently the Okavango Artists Association and the Poetkavango Groug are based at Nhabe Museum. We also work closely with all of the Ngamiland Basket Weavers and Craft fabricators, be they in groups or as individuals. We have a collection of Cultural Artifacts that are displayed at various times throughout the year.

Contact Information Village: Maun, Botswana Telephone/Fax: 6861346 Mail: P/B268, Maun E-mail: museum@botsnet.bw