Queen Esther International

LOCATION: Maun • PRIMARY WORK: Beauty pageants and role modelling for behaviour change • ESTABLISHED: 2009

To celebrate the ultimate expression of true beauty, intelligence and integrity, a new pageant for Christian ladies has been established known as the Queen Esther International Beauty Pageant; this will introduce the pageant world into something completely different and new.

Founded by a Botswana national Vehae Tjiriange, the pageant is looking for Christian ladies between the ages of 17 and 26, who are born-again, not married and who do not have any children.

The President and Founder of Queen Esther International Beauty Pageant, Vehae Tjiriange was crowned Miss Malaika Botswana 2005 and went on to became the First Princess of Miss Global International Beauty Pageant 2007 in Jamaica.

The Esther story in the Bible serves as a source of inspiration for the founding of Queen Esther International Beauty Pageant. The pageant is structured to be different. The aim is to have a Beauty Queen that exhibits Christian character and values, someone that can be called a true role model, who will lead by example. Queen Esther International Beauty Pageant will be unique in the sense that contestants would not wear swimsuits or clothes that are too revealing.

The FOCUS of the pageant is to draw attention to the realities of Aids and poverty and the plight of Abused Women, Orphans, Widows Street Children, Immigrants and Global Warming.

The Queen Esther International Beauty Pageant seeks to address issues of HIV/AIDS and alcohol abuse through moral regeneration and spiritual development, increasing intellectual capacity, mind set change, upholding social values, role modelling and mentorship program. By developing spiritual growth/ maturity, young people will have emotional intelligence, stability and be responsible. These will lead to a decline in indiscipline, teenage pregnancies, and alcohol abuse.

In 2013, we are proud to embark on a historical journey of staging the maiden edition of the pageant in Botswana. Registration is ongoing for contestants from all over the world. Those who are interested can contact us.

Contact Info:
Village: Maun, Botswana
Telephone: +267 76050808/9
Mail: PO 2020, Maun, Love Botswana
E-mail: info@queenestherinternational.com,  queenestherbw@gmail.com
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