Christian Initiative Program

LOCATION:  Maun, Botswana • PRIMARY WORK: Christian Initiative Program, Jesus Outreach Ministries• ESTABLISHED: 2006

Pastor Canaan Chatukuta works to provide outreach to areas that cannot easily access Christian services. By going to Safari Camps in the Okavango Delta to conduct group and individual interdenominational Christian meetings with camp staffs, he aims to revive and resuscitate Christian activities and promote behavior change.

Through coaching and counseling, the Pastor hopes to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in camps, reduce stigma and discrimination of those who are HIV positive, encourage positive behavior change and establish friendly interdenominational forums for Christian education. The pastor also works to address issues such as polygamy, promiscuity, early child marriages, gender power dynamics, and peer pressure.

Contact Information Service Area: Safari Camps in the Okavango Delta

Telephone: +267 71462814 E-mail: