Khwai Development Trust

LOCATION: Khwai • PRIMARY WORK: Community Based Natural Resource Management • ESTABLISHED: 2000

Khwai Development Trust is a Community Based Natural Resource Management organization that was founded in 2000 to represent the interests of the community of Khwai Village. The Trust oversees two land concessions in the heart of the Okavango Delta between Moremi and Chobe National Parks. The Trust has a joint venture arrangement with Soren Lindstrom Safaris for tourism activities (photographic safaris) and camping facilities at Magotho, Sable Ally and Matswere Campsites.

Through the Trust, the community have been empowered to play an active role in sustainable use of natural resources while ensuring that the benefits accrued from tourism activities trickle down to households. The land conession is highly endowed in both natural and wildlife resources.  The area is a lifestock free zone due to the proximity to protected areas and being located within the buffalo fence. Thus, the only available livelihood option for the Khwai community is involvement in the tourism industry.

Contact Information
Village: Khwai Village
Telephone: +267 6862365
Fax: +267 6801210
Mail: P.O. Box 21991