LOCATION: Maun • PRIMARY WORK: Social Enrichment • ESTABLISHED: 1995

The YWCA North West branch works to improve the quality of life of its members and the community in general through social, economic, and spiritual development by creating an enabling environment for the establishment of sustainable livelihoods, effective community development and good governance.

The projects works to empower women and their families at a community level throughout the Ngamiland Region by training and skills upgrading women to gain income generating capacity and providing accurate information on youth-related issues to teenagers so they can develop the self-confidence needed to become tomorrow’s leaders. The YWCA’s biggest project has been to work with PACT (Peer Approach to Counselling by Teens) groups at schools in Maun since 1995. The group advises children on topics such as leadership, substance abuse, child abuse, HIV/AIDS and other reproductive health matters.

Contact Information Village: Maun, Botswana Telephone/Fax: +267 6860585 Mail: P.O. Box 51 Maun, Botswana