Tlhare Segolo Foundation

LOCATION:  Maun, Botswana • PRIMARY WORK: Sustainable Development  • ESTABLISHED: 2007

Established in 2007, Tlhare Segolo Foundation works to create sustainable development in Ngamiland. As its mandate, TSF works to alleviate poverty, empower women and youth, better manage community based natural resources, conserve biodiversity in the Okavango Delta and Ngamiland, conduct community based research and evaluation and improve and develop derelict land.

The mission of the Trust is to create and work with partnerships between rural communities, voluntary, private and public sectors for the long term social, economic and environmental regeneration of not only Maun (as the gateway to the Okavango delta) but the entire North West District. They strongly believe in the transformation of Maun from a Tourism Transit Port to a Tourist Destination Area. To do so, TSF acts as a mediator, coalition builder, community organizer, and knowledge broker for sustainable development in Ngamiland.

TSF is currently working to constitute and support road safety clubs in six primary schools around Maun.

Contact Information
Village: Maun, Botswana
Telephone: +267 6864861
Fax: +267 6864862
Mail: P.O. Box 2175 Maun, Botswana