Tebelopele Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre (TVCT)

LOCATION:  Maun, Botswana • PRIMARY WORK: HIV Counselling and Testing • ESTABLISHED: 2002

Tebelopele Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre (TVCT) is Botswana’s largest non-governmental provider of voluntary HIV counselling and testing services. It provides FREE testing and counselling for all people living in Botswana. Since they first opened in 2000, the centres have tested more people than the Botswana Government and have gained the trust of and reached most of Botswana.

Tebelopele has a nationwide network of 16 stand-alone centres supported by 26 mobile/satellites strategically located across the country. All centres and mobile/satellites provide voluntary HIV counselling and testing, referrals for post-test services, ongoing supportive counselling, post-test clubs and a program to help youth remain HIV-free. They offer training courses and certificates in HIV, couples and discordant couples counselling and testing, and HIV peer education. They also provide supervision and mentoring of counsellors from other HIV service providing organizations.

Tebelopele is recognized for its superior and cutting-edge service standards. Counsellors are trained in-house and are monitored on a regular basis. Counsellors collect and store data in hand-held PDA’s which allows easy transfer and retrieval of data.

Contact Information
Location: Maun, Botswana
Telephone: +267 6865043
Fax: +267 6800086
Mail: P.O. Box 22037, Maun