Kubung Development Trust

LOCATION: Maun, Botswana • PRIMARY WORK: Educating Youth • ESTABLISHED: 2003

The Kubung Development Trust provides education to youth who are unable to continue their studies in the mainstream education system. It provides a second chance to high school drop outs and those who need to improve their grades.

Kubung aims to be a leader in empowering marginalized youth through education. It attracts students from across the country, many who leave their families and loved ones for their only realistic opportunity of receiving a formal education. Kubung targets Basarwa youth who come from low socio-economic backgrounds and where HIV prevalence is high.

The Trust’s approach is hands on, with plenty of one-on-one time between students and teachers. The curriculum is intense, condensing a year of schooling into two terms. Teachers are strict and ensure students are disciplined enough to complete the syllabus, which follows the government curriculum.

The results of Kubung’s program are nothing short of impressive. Kubung students routinely post the best score in all of Botswana. Since 2003, about 2,000 students have set foot in their classroom. At the junior secondary level, 100 percent graduate to secondary school and of those, about 100 have attended college or university. In government schools, about 40 percent of junior secondary students fail. Kubung picks up between 20 and 30 percent of those students and all of them pass.

Contact Information
Village: Maun, Botswana
Telephone/Fax: +267 6863381
Mail: Private Bag BO7, Maun, Botswana