Project Management

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USAID Progressive Design.pdf

UNASO Strategic Management Trainer Guide.pdf

UNASO Strategic Management Participant Manual.pdf

Project Cycle Overview.pdf

Project Agency project management template.pdf

Network Learning How to build an NGO.pdf

FHI Handbook Design Programme.pdf

Lawrie Dev Organisation.pdf

CPMM Quick Guide.pdf

Collecting Information.pdf

CIVICUS Strategic Planning.pdf

CIVICUS planning overview.pdf

CIVICUS Action Planning.pdf

How to Link Program Evaluation to Planning.pdf

Project Management Intro for faith-based groups.pdf

Managing for Results Exercise.pdf

Results based planning & management.pdf

Introduction to Monitoring a Strategic Plan.pdf

Introduction to Strategic Planning Process.pdf

Health Sector HIV AIDS Strategic Plan – Malawi.pdf

Guidelines for Project Planning using ZOPP – GTZ.pdf

How to design a project.pdf